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About Today’s Show

Welcome to the podcast by survivors, for survivors about survivors.

We take a candid and fearless dive into brain injury and the world of invisible disability. Brain injury is the #1 killer and disabler of people under 40. A brain injury can change everything in an instant. Forever.

Largely invisible, isolated and stigmatized, this community is also where the most incredible comeback stories of resilience, recovery and reinvention live. We shed light on this community’s silent determination to survive with compassion (and a little irreverence).

Let’s talk about life beyond brain injury, celebrate neurodiversity and make the invisible visible together.

Meet Your Host: Chloe Luckett

Chloe Luckett

In 2016 Chloe Luckett sustained a traumatic brain injury in Halifax while cycling. She was hit by a car and taken to the hospital where they identified that she had broken her neck in two places and sustained brain bleeds. After spending the next two months in the hospital and rehab, she moved home with her family, and that’s when the real hard work began.

Over the last 4 years Chloe has navigated and experienced what it means to live with a brain injury and has a new appreciation for what matters most in life. It has taught her the importance of community and family, knowing when to ask for help and that it’s always ok, and how to be proactive when it comes to caring for yourself.

Although traumatic, she is grateful for the experience at times as it has given her a new path and outlook on life. With the new perspective she’s gained, she has found a sense of purpose working with and for the brain injury community and feels grateful sharing other’s experiences and doing anything she can to foster further recovery. As Chloe puts it, “I have truly gotten to experience the sense of ‘community’, as I saw how the city of Halifax came together to support me and help me expand my dream of working within this sphere. I’ve seen so much growth just since being involved over the last few years, and I look forward to continue sharing the experiences and seeing the recovery that happens within these people!’

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