Metro Programs

We offer a variety of programs serving Halifax, Dartmouth, and surrounding areas ranging from educational to social and recreational.

Many of our programs are facilitated by volunteers and are an important part of building a community of support for brain injury survivors and their families.

For info on participating in any of our programs, give us a call at 902-422-5000 or email info@braininjuryns.com

PLEASE NOTE: Amid concerns for COVID-19 and to aid in social distancing efforts, all in-person Brain Injury NS programming is suspended until further notice. However, we are happy to offer virtual programming through our “Together in Isolation” project! Learn more >

About Our Metro Community Hub

Nova Scotia’s first purpose-built community place for brain injury survivors – opened in May 2019

PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of our staff and community, The Hub will be closed until further notice to aid in social distancing efforts. Our phone and email lines will remain monitored by staff from home during regular hours to ensure you have access to the support you need during these extraordinary times.

(An innovative partnership with Peter’s Place)
This new space includes 1000 square feet for a Community Rehabilitation Program, a new Acquired Brain Injury Drop-In Centre, a quiet room, and a resource library. The Drop-In Centre will encourage participants to develop leisure lifestyle skills, broaden their community awareness, improve self-esteem, and develop social relationships. Programs and activities are designed in collaboration with participants and the clinical team. They will incorporate a variety of shared education and support programs offered by the Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia.

This space is incredible! A home for broken brains. You are always welcome.

The address is 615 Windmill Road, Dartmouth. Regular hours are 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday to Friday. See you at “The Hub”!

To find our more about Peter’s Place new Community Rehab Program, please visit their website and read about their wonderful services.

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Most of our programs are run out of the new Metro Community Hub, but others are held in various locations across the city. Please read on to learn about our full program slate.

Concussion Café

Concussion Café is a peer-led group that meets on the last Tuesday of each month and provides a safe space for people (and family members/supporters) to share challenges and successes along their recovery journey.

80% of brain injuries are on the “mild” end of the spectrum (mTBI). Still, there is nothing mild about concussion symptoms, particularly for the 20-25% of people who experience persistent, complex symptoms after a concussion.

Connect and share solutions, challenges, and successes on your recovery journey. Meetings are on the last Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM-8:30 PM.

Concussion Café also has a dedicated Facebook page – find us at “Concussion Café”.

Offered virtually as part of our “Together in Isolation” Project! Learn more and view upcoming meetings >

Music Therapy

We offer regular six-week blocks of Music Therapy for brain injury survivors in partnership with Find Your Voice Music Therapy.

Your brain loves music – learning new songs, creating music in a group setting, playing new instruments, and exploring rhythm and rhyme all light up the miracle of neuroplasticity in your brain and promote emotional healing and ongoing recovery. This program is available at no cost to participants.

With Find Your Voice Music Therapy / Mackenzie Costron

Space is limited – book your spot today by calling 902-422-5000 or email community@braininjuryns.com
Free of charge (your brain loves music)

Offered virtually as part of our “Together in Isolation” Project! Learn more and view upcoming meetings >

Caregiver Support Series

Online series begins with the first interactive Zoom session on May 21, 2020

Supporting the Support – Caregiver Series

Does someone you love have a brain injury? Are you frustrated, exhausted, or short-tempered? Feeling lost and wondering when your life will be back to “normal”? You are not alone. There is support for you.

With Amy Sullivan, Life counseling services

This six-week program is designed to assist family and care-givers in exploring your role, acknowledge how your life has changed, and provide you with strategies for managing challenges while connecting with others who are sharing those experiences, too.

Offered virtually as part of our “Together in Isolation” Project! Learn more and view upcoming meetings >

Yoga for Acquired Brain Injury

Traditional yoga practice incorporates the intentional blending of breath, focus, balance, muscle strength, and energy.

Brain injury survivors that participate in yoga classes report improved sleep, improved energy, decreased anxiety and depression and feel more hopeful and calm. Yoga and meditation can decrease anxiety and increase the mind-body connection when recovering from a brain injury.

We are pleased to offer three options for those wishing to explore the practice of yoga:

Offered virtually as part of our “Together in Isolation” Project! Learn more and view upcoming meetings >

Community by Accident

A new program and movement inspired by survivors for survivors.

The concept of “Community By Accident” was created by a TBI survivor in our Concussion Cafe Program who thought: “I have really bonded with this group of people who I would not have crossed paths with in my ‘normal’ life. It’s like a community by accident!” This new program concept is about life beyond brain injury.

Weekly Coffee Zoom

Going out with a friend for a cup of coffee isn’t an option during these isolating times, but you can still connect with your community through a new weekly Zoom coffee chat program! Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and hop on Zoom to join us Fridays at 11 a.m., starting May 1st.

Learn more and view upcoming meetings >

HEAD-ON Support Group

This peer-led support group is the longest-running peer support groups for brain injury survivors in all of Canada.

HEAD-ON meetings are suspended until further notice amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage people to stay connected through our Together In Isolation Projects until Head-On can meet again.

Stay connected to your community – you are not alone.

To view all programs offered as part of the “Together in Isolation” Project, click HERE