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About Today’s Show

In today’s episode, hosts Trevor Barras & Chloe Luckett talk with Halifax NS based emergency physician Dr. Jen McVey about the confluence between Covid-19, returning to work after battling with a complicated recovery from 4 concussions, and lessons we can take from brain injury recovery and those living with brain injuries to help us through these uncertain times.

Dr. Jen McVey is an emergency physician based in Halifax NS, is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, who also works alongside the Halifax Mooseheads hockey team in sports medicine amongst other amazing things.  Jen’s story lends an unique perspective to these challenging times – returning to work after sustaining her 4th concussion since 2013 has coloured her experience with patients in the emergency room and changed her life in ways that had the side benefit of preparing her for work and life during our Coivd-19 crisis.

Meet Your Hosts: Trevor Barras & Chloe Luckett

Community By Accident – a note from Trevor

After bonding and sharing our lived experiences with other survivors in a LoveYourBrain Yoga series, I looked around and realized that I would have never met this group of people if it hadn’t been for my accident.  This was my community by accident.  Community By Accident is a program and movement inspired by survivors, for survivors and supported by Brain Injury NS.  I’m sure many of you can agree, that recovery, even with a mild brain injury can be a long and extremely isolating road while you are trying to find out about the new you and how to live with this invisible disability which is not easily understood by those around you.

One of the last hurdles for many survivors is to break though that wall of isolation and get back out there.  Community by Accident is where we can do this, together.  The CBA movement aims to provide a series of survivor-led supportive, social events at different activity levels meant to get us off that couch and back out there so we can move beyond brain injury together through a safety-in-numbers approach and the camaraderie that comes with lived experiences.  Hope to see you at our next event.

The CT Scan

Our regular check-in with our Community By Accident out there is an ongoing podcast feature called the CT SCAN!  This episode’s CT SCAN is: What do you wish you had been aware of about brain injury before your injury?

We know brain injury can be a very heavy subject – we as survivors have to make light of what we can, when we can or else things can feel that much harder.  Have you had any experiences or a story about living with a brain injury that you can laugh at?

You are part of our Community By Accident – we want to hear your thoughts and stories. Maybe you know a survivor who who is moving beyond their brain injury and has a story to tell.

Send your ideas and CT SCAN responses to:  cba@braininjuryns.com

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