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About Today’s Guest – Dr. Nikole MacLellan

Dr. KokesDr. Nikole MacLellan (aka Dr. Kokes) is a Naturopathic Doctor, Dietitian, and Certified Sports Nutritionist. She has a passion for human performance and sports medicine. Dr. Kokes believes our bodies are capable of the most amazing things, we just have to recover appropriately.

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About Your Host – Chloe Luckett

Chloe LuckettAlthough every guest I speak with on the podcast is unique, everyone has their own story, and no two brain injuries are alike, I can relate.

In 2016 I sustained a traumatic brain injury and a broken neck while cycling in Halifax. I spent a month in the hospital, a month in rehab, and then moved home with my parents for the next four months. Nothing has quite been the same since. Whether it’s quickly cycling through a whole range of emotions or none at all, to imagining parties outside my room in the hospital, it feels like there’s always something I can connect to with a guest. Yet I continue to be surprised and inspired by the survivors I meet and am looking forward to hearing their stories.

Every day with a brain injury can look or feel different, but I think it’s important to look for the humour in all of it. Because if we can’t laugh at our beautiful broken brains, then what can we do?