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Phone: 1-844-424-5110 Website: https://housing.novascotia.ca/


Affordable Housing Solutions – Many people with brain injuries can struggle with finding (and retaining) affordable housing. Beyond programs for people with disabilities that fall primarily under the Department of Community Services, Housing Nova Scotia also offers programs to help lower-income households rent and maintain safe and affordable housing. For homeowners, grants and loans may be possible for home repairs and additions. Mortgage funds and grants to help purchase or build modest houses may also be an option. For a comprehensive list of provincial housing options for lower-income Nova Scotians, call 211 or visit their website.

Disabled Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Homeowners (OR Landlords) – Provides financial assistance to people (or landlords) who can’t afford to make their homes more accessible for persons (or residents) with disabilities.

Emergency Shelter – If you are in immediate danger, please call 911. If you are not in immediate danger but need help or information about emergency shelter, safety planning and available resources in the context of intimate partner violence, call the 24-hour toll-free line at 1-855-225-0220. Most shelters have Housing Support Workers who can help you with the next steps in securing appropriate housing. If your housing situation does not require emergency shelter, the best place to start is to directly reach out to your local Housing Authority. Call 211 or visit https://housing.novascotia.ca/housing-authorities for contact details. From there, you will be referred to a local Housing Support Worker. In HRM, you may also self-refer to the following groups, all listed in this directory: Welcome Housing and Support Services, Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre, Native Council of Nova Scotia, and Tawaak Housing Association.

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