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Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia

Address Metro Community HUB 615 Windmill Road Dartmouth Nova Scotia B3B 1B6 Address Neurocommons 1658 Bedford Hwy, Unit 290 Bedford Nova Scotia B4A 2X9 Phone: 9024225000 Website: https://braininjuryns.com


As the only organized voice for Nova Scotians affected by brain injury, we are committed to providing programs, education, recovery, support, advocacy, & community. Brain injury survivors and their families look to us every day as a resource & touchstone of support across the spectrum of brain injury. Our vision is that Nova Scotians living with acquired brain injury & their caregivers realize their potential through a continuum of programs, services, & community supports throughout the province.

Programs & Peer Support – For survivors & caregivers. Offerings range from educational to social & recreational. Including Yoga for ABI, Concussion Cafe, music therapy, a drop-in community hub, social gatherings, and more. Peers facilitate many of our programs & sessions.

Education & Training – For survivors, caregivers, and professionals. Previous offerings include Brain Injury 101 training, income tax & RDSP workshops, Supporting the Supporter training, spirituality workshops. education sessions on ambiguous loss & neurorehabilitation, and more.

Connecting the Community – You are not alone. We work with our staff & volunteers to offer a network of support groups and services across Nova Scotia for survivors, caregivers, & professionals. Connecting with others with similar experiences can be invaluable to the recovery process.

Building Awareness – As an invisible disability, many are unaware of the prevalence & impact of brain injury, and often this includes survivors and professionals. We fight tirelessly to raise awareness of the prevention, identification, treatment, and understanding of brain injuries.

Advocating for change – We advocate across all levels of government and the public sector for specific supports and services to be available for brain injury survivors across Nova Scotia, as there is a general lack of understanding about brain injury and too few supports for survivors’ unique needs.

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Metro Community HUB 615 Windmill Road Dartmouth Nova Scotia B3B 1B6

Neurocommons 1658 Bedford Hwy, Unit 290 Bedford Nova Scotia B4A 2X9

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