Community By Accident

Zoom Meeting:
July 3, 11AM-12PM

Zoom Meeting:
July 10, 11AM-12PM

Zoom Meeting:
July 17, 11AM-12PM

Zoom Meeting:
July 24, 11AM-12PM

Zoom Meeting:
July 31, 11AM-12PM

“Community By Accident” is a new program and movement inspired by survivors for survivors.

The concept of “Community By Accident” was created by a TBI survivor in our Yoga for ABI Program who thought: “I have really bonded with this group of people who I would not have crossed paths with in my ‘normal’ life. It’s like a community by accident!” This new program concept is about life beyond brain injury.

Recovery after even a mild brain injury can be a long road and there is something profoundly isolating about living with an invisible condition that is not easily understood by those around you, while affects everything about you. One of the last hurdles for many brain injury survivors is to break through that wall of isolation and social anxiety and get back out there.

The Community By Accident Movement

Community by Accident is here to help us break through that wall, together.

We do it with the safety of numbers approach and the camaraderie that comes with lived experience. The Community By Accident Movement aims to provide a series of peer-led, supportive, social events at various activity levels meant to get us off the couch and move beyond brain injury, together.

Join the community

Email cba@braininjuryns.com or call us at 902-422-5000