About Us


The Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia (BIANS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a framework for self-help within Nova Scotia’s brain injury community.

Our mission statement is: “To enhance the quality of life for survivors and their families. BIANS focuses its work on advocacy, education, prevention, support and partnering for the creation of inclusive and accessible policies, programs and services.”

Our goal for the future is to advocate for and work with government, partners and stakeholders to develop and implement an integrated and coordinated brain injury strategy for Nova Scotia. The Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia will continue to:

  • Educate about brain injury and help brain injury survivors and their families, co-workers, employers and health care professionals connect by establishing and maintaining an informational community.
  • Dialogue with government, the health system, and other strategic publics, to address the unmet needs of survivors and their family members and to effect positive change.
  • Expand our provincial network of chapters and support groups to connect brain injury survivors, family members and professionals, to build a community of information, support and hope for those affected by brain injury in Nova Scotia.
  • Provide ongoing activities on injury prevention and safety.
  • Provide ongoing education for government and the public through presentations on injury prevention, ongoing activities, and safety promotional material including concussion management cards. 

BIANS provides the following services for survivors, family members and the general public:


  • Family, spousal, children and survivor information packages are available on specific topics.
  • A point of contact via email or telephone for questions, information, or direction to necessary resources when possible.
  • Presentations on brain injury, prevention and rehabilitation to health professionals, consumer groups, schools, safety officers, employee associations and other interested groups are available upon request.
  • Published three times a year, the BIANS newsletter provides an avenue for providing information on brain injury and activities of the association and its members.

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