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About Today’s Guest – Abby Goodwin

Abby GoodwinAbby is an ex-beach bum who has fully embraced life on land in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury since she was 26 years old, Abby has taken her passion for wellness and transformed it into a comprehensive skillset around healing brain injury and supporting cognitive wellness through nutrition. When she’s not whipping up plant based magic in the kitchen, she enjoys performing improv, practicing restorative yoga and wearing funky hats.

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About Your Host – Chloe Luckett

Chloe LuckettAlthough every guest I speak with on the podcast is unique, everyone has their own story, and no two brain injuries are alike, I can relate.

In 2016 I sustained a traumatic brain injury and a broken neck while cycling in Halifax. I spent a month in the hospital, a month in rehab, and then moved home with my parents for the next four months. Nothing has quite been the same since. Whether it’s quickly cycling through a whole range of emotions or none at all, to imagining parties outside my room in the hospital, it feels like there’s always something I can connect to with a guest. Yet I continue to be surprised and inspired by the survivors I meet and am looking forward to hearing their stories.

Every day with a brain injury can look or feel different, but I think it’s important to look for the humour in all of it. Because if we can’t laugh at our beautiful broken brains, then what can we do?